World Hearing Day Does Your Ears a World of Good

Hearing loss is a global phenomenon—nearly 477 million people worldwide have it.1 To raise awareness about hearing loss and how to prevent it, the World Health Organization (WHO) created World Hearing Day, held on March 3.

This year’s World Hearing Day slogan, “To hear for life, listen with care!” focuses on the importance of safe listening as a way to preserve your hearing health.

Regular, repeated exposure to unsafe volume levels can cause noise-induced hearing loss. When you’re around loud sounds, use hearing protection. Turn down the volume, especially when listening to your personal audio player. If you come across loud noises in public, move away from the sound source.

Following these tips can help you maintain good hearing health. And since hearing loss is linked to many other health conditions, such as cognitive decline and balance problems, you’ll also help your whole body stay healthy.

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1 Hearing Health Foundation. (n.d.). Hearing loss & tinnitus statistics.

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