October Is Audiology Awareness Month

Hearing loss can be a confusing experience that leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated and isolated. October is Audiology Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to learn about life changes that can help make for a better tomorrow.

Hearing specialists can help identify hearing problems and recommend a treatment solution for you or your family member. Though seniors are most at risk for changes in hearing, hearing loss can occur at any time and affect people of all ages.

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects nearly 50 million Americans each year and can occur for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is natural aging. Since it’s a progressive, long-lasting condition, those affected might notice changes in their hearing over time.

If you experience hearing loss, you might have noticed the following:

  • Family or friends have remarked on your hearing.
  • People seem to mumble, or you need them to repeat themselves often.
  • You have trouble following conversations in groups, especially with background noise.
  • Telephone conversations are difficult to follow. 
  • Others comment on the volume when you listen to the TV or music.

The next step is to then schedule an appointment with a specialist for a hearing test. Though hearing loss cannot be reversed, getting help sooner than later is still better since hearing aids can help you adjust to your hearing changes.

Getting a Hearing Test

Untreated hearing loss can damage your physical health, emotional well-being and professional success. Studies have shown it increases your risk of cognitive decline, makes concentrating and storing new information difficult, increases your risk for falls and reduces job performance and monetary compensation.

Thankfully, a hearing test is quick and painless. Testing methods are fast, and same-day test results typically allow a hearing specialist to provide an immediate diagnosis.

After going over your data, your hearing specialist will make recommendations for potential treatment options. The most common solution is a new pair of hearing aids.

Do Hearing Aids Help?

There are several hearing aid options available through many state-of-the-art manufacturers depending on your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle needs. Individuals who choose to treat their hearing loss with hearing aids are known to have better overall health, professional success and emotional well-being than those who don’t.

The benefits of using hearing aids over time include improved relationships, focus and energy from not having to struggle as much to hear certain sounds again.

To learn more about how hearing aids can help, contact SE Wisconsin Hearing Center today!

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